Wish of a Lazy Otaku

Wish of a Lazy Otaku

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    Mc unexpectedly got into a very funny accident during a mission and died then reincarnated in this new wonderful world.

    Before reincarnating he met a very beautiful goddess who unexpectedly took him as a student under his one wish which the goddess decided to grant him.

    He learnt various kinds of things under goddess teachings and spent 1000 years practising them by heart under her watch.

    Mc wisely used those years to learn everything he can handle and was sure he would need them.

    So that’s how he got the knowledge to become Op quickly with a bonus as an eternal companion, Aashi.

    After reincarnating in this world he started to fulfil his dreams one by one like having a big family with multiple beautiful and capable wives, and along the way conquering multiple realms.

    After fulfilling most of his desires he sat in a peaceful home and said, “Now I can say for sure, my wish as a lazy otaku has been fulfilled. I remember I haven’t seen the new anime, my lovely wives, do any of you want to watch this anime together with me as I starting so hurry up otherwise, you will miss it.”


    This is the story of Lazy Otaku who got the chance to fulfil his long-cherished wish.

    So come join our 1000year old otaku soul, in his journey to be horne..cough…I mean a journey to conquer countless realms and how he makes the strongest & largest family in all the realms.


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