Villain: With God-tier Choices, I Suppressed The Protagonist

Villain: With God-tier Choices, I Suppressed The Protagonist

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    Luo Chen woke up and discovered that he had transmigrated to a parallel world that was a hodgepodge of various online novels.

    This world was filled with all kinds of proud sons of destiny. Besides that, there were also the son-in-law of the Dragon King who remained hidden, the War God of the North who returned to Central, the bodyguard of the school beauty, the reborned Immortal Master who currently resided in the city and the descendant of the divine physician who emerged from the deep mountains.

    On the other hand, Luo Chen became an antagonist from one of the novels. From the start, he had to go through the plot where the female protagonist broke off their marriage engagement with him.

    Thankfully, he activated the God-tier Choice System.

    [Option 1: Beg the girl to stay. Reward: Cancel your identity as the antagonist.]

    [Option 2: Seize the initiative to break off the engagement. Reward: 10 pulls.]

    Luo Chen chose Option 2 without hesitation, becoming the greatest antagonist of destiny!

    He refused to be wrapped around the little finger of the protagonist.

    In this life, he would become the protagonist, driving the latter into a corner.

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