Saga of The Night God

Saga of The Night God

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    “7.9 billion people, 3.8 billion of them are women. I saw millions of them in my lifetime, talked with thousands, known hundreds.” Yelled the man, while raising his hand toward the sky.

    “And...not a single...pussy for me…..god…why.” And burst out in tears.

    [5 minutes Before ]

    The person yelling at the god Erwin Tynan is a successful corporate slave, because of his well-paid job at a multinational company. He just had a dinner meeting with his slave colleagues and was waiting for his ride.

    Standing under the lamppost while enjoying the winter night, he said, “What a beautiful night,” and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. And continued with a sigh, “sigh, it will become more beautiful if I have someone as beautiful as this night in my arms. ”

    Saying this, he searched for a lighter in his pocket but couldn't find it. Suddenly, a hooded person approached Erwin while he was searching his pockets and pulled out a lighter from his jacket.

    Seeing the man approaching him suddenly Erwin was surprised and, seeing the lighter in the person's hand, he said, “thanks man”

    And leaned forward to light his cigarette. Lighting his cigarette, he tries to get a glimpse of a person's face. After seeing the face, he was astonished. Because under the hood. It was a beautiful girl. Her skin was white as snow, her hair black as night, and her crystal red eyes and blood-soaked lips were challenging the night's beauty. Her expression was colder than ice and they enhanced her beauty more.

    But there was something wrong here because Erwin's astonished face was now grim. And had an on his stomach from a gun in a woman’s hand.

    “Why?” he painfully said, falling over.

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