God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse

God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse

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    Sometimes. You face a choice in your life

    “Choose. Between the two of them. Whom will you save, Michael Aroa?”

    You look back into your life and wonder how you ended up here

    “Michael please!! Save your mother!! Not me. Michael you don’t need to make a choice here!! Michael! I love you! I won’t hate you for your choices!! Please save your mother!!”

    You question the path that you took that brought you to this point

    “Son. She is your wife! She has your child. It’s not one life over another but two over one. I am already old but she has a long life. You are smart enough to make the right decision, Son, aren’t you?”

    Since it hurts, you wish you could stop time and have some time to think

    [Activating Ability: Temporal Pause!!]

    [Activation failed!! Not enough Energy!!]

    You wish to go back into the past and change everything that led you to here

    [Activating Ability: Time Reverse!!]

    [Activation Failed!! You don’t have the Requirements to use this ability!!]

    And then when nothing works as it shouldn’t.

    [Are you sure you want to use this ability?]

    You make a decision that you had never thought you would

    [Activating ability!]

    And then... Chaos ensues

    [Ability Activated]

    [God Power: Time Collapse]

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