Villain Is on Vacation

Villain Is on Vacation

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    Meet Rain Holmes, the protagonist of our story.

    He is rich, he is handsome, and he is talented. Rain has everything that a person can ask for, or at least that's what the world thinks.

    However, Rain is troubled. He is the villain of the game “Saga of the Magical Knight.”

    Rain was just another 25-year-old guy working a stressful job in his previous life. He would come home tired, eat dinner, and go to sleep, only to wake up the next day to repeat the same cycle.

    However, after one particularly grueling day at work, he was hit by a truck and found himself in the afterlife. But, instead of reaching the heaven, he was transmigrated into the game.

    At first, Rain thought it was a dream come true. He could be the main character, live a prosperous life, and even have beautiful heroines at his feet.

    However, the universe had different plans for him. He was the villain of the game.

    “Even after death, I can't catch a break,” Rain muttered to himself as he remembered the plotline for the umpteenth time.

    But, just when he was about to give up, the system came to his rescue.

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