Universal Power System

Universal Power System

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    In the year 2850, Humanity had advanced so much that what was presumed to be Fantasy, Magic, SCI-FI, or mere imagination was a reality. From 100% efficient renewable energy source to planetary level destruction artillery, and from intergalactic travel to teleportation devices.

    It seemed as if technology as it is couldn't get any better, but they were so wrong.

    Humanity was searching for signs of Alien life for so long, but what they didn't expect was Aliens finding them first.

    A peace treaty was signed between the Humans, and the Yalhvi; who were given residence on Earth as their own planet was destroyed in exchange for knowledge.

    The Yalhvi people taught the humans a lot about their research, and how they obtained superpower-like abilities.

    Soon the entire Human population was also enjoying the fruits of the Yalhvi Research and knowledge and almost everyone started awakening supernatural abilities.

    It can be said that the Earth is filled with opportunity, and wonder but it is quite the opposite.

    The influx of one's power lead to bring about a hierarchy system where the one with power has all the say while powerless beings are meant to keep quiet.

    This lead to many wars which almost lead to the extinction of the human race, but during the climax of the war; ten brave warriors took a stand and resolved the war.

    “We welcome this brand new year with the hope to bring a great change, and to continue progressing forward! Happy New Year 3100, Everyone!” The holographic image of a female spokesperson sounded from every tall skyscraper in Emerald City.

    As the artificial fireworks sounded, a boy walking down an alley grunted.

    “Humph! A happy new year for the people who have power and money, but it's the same situation for us.” Mako voiced his internal dissatisfaction while continuing to head to his destination.

    Only Destiny knew what this year had in store for Mako...

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