Tome of Troubled Times

Tome of Troubled Times

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    A young man plagued by recurring nightmares finds himself visiting a blind fortune teller, who sends him to a world of martial arts that looks a lot like the wuxia stories he used to read.

    In the sky of this world, a tome shines every now and then, revealing the hierarchy of mighty beings that seek power amid troubled times. Determined to unravel the mysteries of his involuntary journey and the secrets of the world he has ended up in, he endeavors to ascend the tome’s rankings, all while looking for a path back home.

    Official Chinese blurb

    Wandering the jianghu with a blade and wine, where beauties’ grace is filling one’s mind.

    A youth, saber on his back and wine gourd at the waist, strides forth, yet the jianghu of his heart seems only more elusive;

    With each flipped page of the Tome of Troubled Times, decades of nights soaked in rain pass over the jianghu.

    As he suddenly turns to look back, he finds that the mortal world has shattered in his wake.

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