To Bewitch a Devil

To Bewitch a Devil

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    What are the odds that Zavian, the son of the devil, would fall for the only woman whose destiny is to destroy him?

    In the beginning of time, war broke out between the fallen angels and the devil, and the devil was defeated and cast into the underworld. During the war, Zavian, the devil’s son, turned against his father and joined hands with the other demons to defeat him, which made the devil kill his son’s wife as a punishment for betraying him.

    But 500 years later, there appeared a woman slave who looked exactly like his wife, and Zavian, who had longed for his dead wife, couldn’t help but get drawn to her.

    But the devil had other plans for his son. To return to earth his son has to die. Is the queen’s doppelganger part of the devil’s plans?

    Would Zavian fall right into his father’s trap or has fate got other plans for him?

    Everyone stood before the king, the high and the low, with their heads bowed. This was the day they had waited for, for centuries.

    King Zavian was finally getting remarried.

    To strengthen the bond between the seven kingdoms of the earth, Zavian was to get married to one of the beautiful princesses standing in front of him.

    But his eyes were drawn to the lowly maid standing afar off. The witches had warned him about her, and he knew he shouldn’t be with her, but she was something he couldn’t resist. The more he tried to run away from her, the more drawn he was to her.

    Even though everything in him screamed not to, Zavian stood up and walked past the princesses in front of him and to the maid;

    She was tiny in her dress, and her whole body trembled as he approached her, her eyes pinned to her feet, afraid to behold his face. He smiled as he held her face, tilting her head to look at him;

    “Neera, will you be my queen?”

    And that was when all of hell broke loose…


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