The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show

The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show

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    Bai Lin is the real rich daughter and was found at eight, but the fake rich daughter’s ploy forced her parents to send her back to the village for twelve years.

    Returning to her family after twelve years, all she received was scorn instead of concern.

    Mr. Bai: “Change your bumpkin habits and act like a proper daughter from a wealthy family.”

    Mrs. Bai: “Straighten out your fashion taste.

    We can have you join your sister’s variety show and see the world.”

    Bai Lin’s brother: “Do you even know how to play video games?”

    Bai Lin decided to leave since she was not here to suffer their scorn and was about to leave unceremoniously when the fake rich daughter insincerely stopped her: “Come home! I’m willing to go even if I can’t bear to leave my parents…

    just promise to let me visit them from time to time, okay?”

    The fake rich daugthter’s words made Bai Lin suffer even more scorn, with the internet flaming her and her family distancing themselves.

    Everyone was convinced that she was shameless and trying to steal the limelight from the fake rich daughter at the variety show, yet…

    A certain star celebrity: Everyone, this is my little sister!A certain top martial artist: Everyone, this is my master! A certain mercenary leader: Hey, that’s my boss!Then, a certain movie star took a photo of him being intimate with Bai Lin, officially announcing that they were married!

    The internet blew up the instant the news was published! When did that happen? Wasn’t he supposed to be cold and proud? Why is he acting so spoiled?

    We want our cool movie star back!

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