The Novelist Forced to Become Famous

The Novelist Forced to Become Famous

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    Jianjing was reborn into a parallel world and became a genius novelist.

    Or rather, the soon-to-be deceased young genius novelist…

    [System Warning]: You committed su*cide, estimated time of death in 10 minutes.

    [Mandatory Mission]: Escape from the enclosed room.

    [Reward and Punishment]: Successful escape means the author continues the story, failure means the story is abandoned.

    Jianjing: WTF?!

    System: This is just the beginning, face the storm ahead!

    Jianjing’s view of herself: An ordinary bestselling novelist.

    Others’ view of her: “Novelist Detective”, “Honorable Citizen for Bravery and Justice”, “Police Consultant”, “Surprise Guest for Horror House Shows”, “Human Representative Against Unknown Creatures”…

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