The Dormant Vampire Queen Awakens

The Dormant Vampire Queen Awakens

The Dormant Vampire Queen Awakens

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    Vampire Queen Shang Yu awoke at the auction house after a ten billion bid for her corpse.

    A gunfight broke out during transport and she stood up from her coffin.

    The scent of blood in the air was truly delightful!

    Her eyes fell upon the injured man and she tilted his chin, lightly kissing his wound:

    “You taste sweet.”

    It’s said Shang Yu’s meteoric rise relied on men, but deeper digging revealed her aliases were all shocking, plus nine elder brothers and sisters who doted on her.

    She was known as the business world’s foremost abstinent queen.

    Yet she was photographed eagerly pressing a certain tycoon in a car, kissing him as he let her have her way.

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