The Divine Healer Gets a Divorce after Reincarnating!

The Divine Healer Gets a Divorce after Reincarnating!

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    Before her death, Xia Wan has seen her own family being set up and killed, her beloved recognizing the wrong person as his savior, and their engagement party!

    Even her upperclassman had run a blade through her chest, snarling spitefully, “Xia Bing will have everything with your death!

    It was Xia Bing again! She stole all of Xia Wan’s accomplishments and her lover’s, but wanted her dead as well!

    And yet, Xia Wan could not say a word against her! However, when she thought that her death was inevitable, Xia Wan was reincarnated to a day 18 years ago, when her whole family was still alive and before all tragedy began!

    This time, she swore that she will have her family stay safe, healthy and happy.

    Insincere skanks trying to stop her? She slapped them until they cry! Scumbags wanting to date her?

    Xia Wan: Sorry, you’re too ugly. After chasing off everyone and finally earning some peace, Xia Wan was going to sleep when someone knocked on her door.

    She opened it to find her beloved from the last life!

    ”Do I happen to fit your type?” The sight of his white shirt and slightly bared chest left Xia Wan clutching her bleeding nose.

    Xia Wan: Men are too sexy in a white shirt! This is against the rules! A certain man: That doesn’t matter. Bringing my wife home is more important!

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