The Beautiful Monster

The Beautiful Monster

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    {Mature content R-18+}


    The moment Alyssa laid eyes on mysterious bad boy Elias, she knew she was a goner. With his charming smiles and reckless face she has never met anyone like him. He was far more relaxed and causal, like nothing in the world could bother him. But the problem was, he was everything her parents warned her about. Dark haired and tattooed.

    The moment Elias laid eyes on Alyssa, he knew his college days was about to get interesting. He has never met a girl so innocent and full of hope in this crazy world. He made it his life mission to always protect her and be by her side.

    Except, he couldn’t. With sparks flying between them and dark secrets luring around. Their love story was one that happened once in a lifetime.

    Will Alyssa lose her heart to Elias-a man so beautiful and mysterious? Will she able to fight her forbidden desires and grasp the love that will change her life forever? Or she will face the consequences for falling for a monster, a beautiful monster like Elias?


    Alyssa felt that familiar pulling sensation deep inside of her. Even if she was close to him, she still didn’t feel like she was close enough.

    She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. The momentum and intensity gradually picked up with each passing moment and each subtle movement of their lips.

    Elias leaned more into the kiss, amping up the pressure as his hands held her close to his body.

    Alyssa drifted one hand up into the back of his hair, sifting through the wet strands.

    She lightly curled her fingers around them as his teeth scraped her bottom lip. She breathed in deeply through her nose, trying to quell her rapid heartbeat.

    She couldn’t believe they were making out in a spring.

    How did she go from being so shy and cautious in the beginning of the semester to this person?

    Elias brought his hands lower, grabbing at the back of her thighs to draw her legs around his waist. His lips didn’t part from hers as they moved and pressed.

    Alyssa felt the lightest dash of his tongue against hers, prompting a soft moan from her that she couldn’t control.

    So many sensations were lighting up throughout her body.

    They say a bad boy is the ruin of a good girl then let him ruin her.

    For he was fire and she wanted him to burn her.

    Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults.

    {R-18+, No rape and No major misunderstanding}

    Cover commissioned by Edenn

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