Supreme Villain: Seducing the Heroines

Supreme Villain: Seducing the Heroines

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    “I... I am a mere villain in a novel!?”

    A handsome male asked the void but received no answer, his face filled with shock as he awoke from sleep; the date again told him it was the 7th of July 2035, the day his fiancée would ask to break their engagement.

    Suddenly his mind was assaulted by various memories, strange events and occurrences ending with his death.

    “What are these memories? Why the hell do I act so pathetically when around these women!?”

    He rose from the velvet sheets, his tall body standing at the window, wearing nothing but his magnificent, well-trained birthday suit.

    “Never again! That damn guy can have them all! I quit!”

    [Supreme Villain System Installing]

    “NO! I don't want it!”

    [Error... System rejected by the host!]


    [Supreme Netori System Installing!]

    “Oi...! No... Stop! I don't want to submit my control and will!!”

    The handsome male began to slam his head against the solid stone wall, the impact causing his brain to rattle, blood seeping down his forehead.


    “I won't submit!” He roared; the morning maid stunned outside his door as he smashed his head against the wall, each blow causing his vision to grow blurrier and his muscles to spasm.

    [Netori... Error....]

    “Haha... I won! Screw you!”



    A sudden jolt of lightning shot from the ceiling, zapping the handsome male's brain as he fell to the ground, his body shuddering in silence.


    [I would never control you... Here, take these little gifts. I'll go mess with those skanks that hurt you]

    [Do your best, Amon]

    But Amon finds nothing is simple when dealing with years of feelings and supreme beings.

    Can he escape the fate of a villain's death, or will the deep shackles of his past lives bind him?

    Watch as he surpasses them all, stepping over other villains like ants and crushing the heroes to become the supreme Villain.

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