Snake Evolution System

Snake Evolution System

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    Shivam was a kind guy but died by Truck Kun, and later reincarnated as a Snake [HeBi]


    “F.u.c.k I died on my life's special day when I was finally about to lose my virginity, I died as a virgin loser, I work very hard for that day and Finally, my landlady permitted me to have s.e.x with her. I wasted my four precious Years of life courting her and when the fated day of my life finally arrives. but what the hell happened to me, yes I remember”

    Suddenly few more hazy memories are started appearing in his mind as he thought about his previous life.

    “You damn truck Kun, I died in the accident while crossing the road in Delhi, I am fucked up by damn truck Kun” Shivam started to curse as he thought about his previous life on earth.

    He was a nerd who was living a carefree life in India, he dropped from university and doing a part-time job in a hotel as a waiter, he has no girlfriend because he was not popular among girls, but fortunately, he fell in love with his landlord's second wife and started courting her, she pitied him and finally four years later permit him to have s.e.x with her, but alas destiny was very cruel towards him, Truck Kun f.u.c.k.e.d him before he f.u.c.k her.



    [You killed tier 1 Fish you gained a beast stone, 100 Tier 1 beast stones needed for advancing next level]

    “What, who are you, am I become retarded, suddenly I can hear things out of nowhere in my mind,” Shivam said in a low voice


    “Raphael, what The hell are you,” Shivam asked Raphael in a serious voice.

    [I am system and I am imprinted in your will to guide you on your journey and I will help you to become evolve ]

    hearing Raphael's words, Shivam was surprised, He laugh and shouted in his mind.

    “Oh, god you didn't abandon me. I heard many isekai stories when I was on earth, but it becomes a reality”

    “Hey Raphael, can I become strong with the help of yours, and what do you mean by evolution,” He asked to her

    [Yes you can become awakened as you reached the Tier 5 beast, and you can get the human form] As your will she replied.

    “Raphael what do you mean by the awakened, ”Shivam asked curiously.


    The mc is smart and loves the beautiful women. He is op and merciless at the same time. he is not some kind of mindless killing machine who kills people for no reason.

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