She Got Pregnant After a One Night Stand with a Werewolf

She Got Pregnant After a One Night Stand with a Werewolf

She Got Pregnant After a One Night Stand with a Werewolf

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    In the fourth year of raising cubs alone, the father of the children came knocking on her door.

    The well-dressed man stood at the door and asked her, “Are you Shang Xi?”


    “I’m the father of the cubs.” The man said domineeringly, “Come with me. Don’t think about useless things like refusing or resisting.”

    Shang Xi stared at the face that resembled her son’s so much, and slowly murmured, “Oh.”

    In fact, she hadn’t really thought about refusing or resisting at all…

    On the surface, Gu Wenming was the head of the prominent Gu family, but in secret he was the patriarch of the werewolf clan. During a heat that came three days early, he had relations with a human woman who had accidentally wandered into the wrong room.

    Werewolves only have one mate for life, but he hated the fickle disloyalty of pure humans, and refused to go looking for her.

    One day, he heard the cries of a cub.

    Only then did he realize that the human had given birth to a cub, and the werewolf cub was going through the painful period of bone development.

    For the sake of the cub, he brought the mother and child to come live with him.

    At first, he said coldly, “I have no interest in you. We’re just the parents of the child.”

    “I only care about my cub.”

    Every day the two would drop off and pick up the child from preschool.

    They participated together in parent-child activities organized by the school.

    They attended parent-teacher meetings together.

    One day, Shang Xi went on a date.

    The man was shocked and angry before he realized his own feelings.

    He cut off all her dates on the pretext of taking the cub out to play.

    He frequently searched: How to pursue a human woman.

    He tried giving her houses, cars, bags, planes… nothing worked.

    When the agreed upon date arrived, the woman left with the cub.

    The arrogant patriarch of the werewolf clan, the head of the prominent Gu family, broke down.

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