Sharing Tamed Beasts' Talents for Eternal Life

Sharing Tamed Beasts' Talents for Eternal Life

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    In the vast world of immortals, with creatures crawling on the ground like ants, He Qingge transmigrated into the world of cultivation. Although he didn’t have much talent, fortunately, he awakened a talented ability!

    【The Heart of Beast Taming】

    1. Contract: With each advancement to a higher realm, you can contract one tamed beast. At the time of the contract, the tamed beast’s cultivation level cannot be one major level higher than your own level.

    2. Sharing: You can share all the abilities and talents of the contracted tamed beast.

    3. Tamed Beast Affinity: All spiritual beasts will have a good impression of you when they see you for the first time.

    4. Insight: You can obtain simple insights into the information of spiritual beasts.

    After twenty years of hard work and planning, He Qingge finally developed his tamed beasts’ potential and reached the peak of cultivation in one night. After countless ages, he looked down from the sky, overlooking the world with his tamed beasts by his side, roars echoing through the ages.

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