Rise of the Living Forge

Rise of the Living Forge
Rise of the Living Forge [A Blacksmith litRPG]

Rise of the Living Forge

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    Ever since Arwin was summoned as a child, all he has known is war. And now, to claim the demon queen's life and end the war, he has to kill himself.

    But, as he deals the final blow to his mortal enemy, the Hero of Mankind is betrayed.

    Caught in a magical explosion thought to end him, Arwin awakens a month later to find that everyone has already moved on. His [Hero] class has changed to a unique blacksmith class called [The Living Forge] that is empowered by consuming magical items, but some of his old passive [Titles] remain, giving him the power to forge his new future exactly the way he wants to.

    Arwin isn't going to settle for anything less than completely surpassing the powers he wielded as the Hero.

    After all, you are what you eat – and Arwin’s diet just became legendary.

    What to expect:

    - Item focused crafting story, where a lot of the MC's power comes from his equipment

    - Mix of crafting & combat as the MC has to get the materials himself. The MC does not spend the whole novel in one room crafting.

    - No Harem

    - Strong to Stronger MC

    - Slow burn revenge with a focus on the MC rebuilding his life and discovering new purpose

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