Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

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    The objective was the World Domination.

    108 Demons and their Dungeons descended upon the land as they battled each other to become the Strongest Dungeon Master.

    Isaac Constantine, a Demon Baron who managed to survive until the end of the game, only to meet betrayal that lead to his death.

    Just as he thought it was over, he received a second chance

    [Artefact Sand of Time has been activated.]

    [Players can restart the game.]


    [Displaying status]

    [Isaac Constantine - Rank 99]

    The battle between Dungeon Masters has restarted!

    With a thirst for revenge, Isaac swore to create the best Dungeon and the Strongest army to win the game. Demons, Monsters, Superhumans even God himself will know his name.

    Follow Isaac's story as he Rebirth to become the strongest Dungeon master

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