Rebirth in the Apocalypse: Third Time's a Charm

Rebirth in the Apocalypse: Third Time's a Charm

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    Li Dai Lu was born and raised Canadian in her first life. This meant that she was taught how to share, how to put others first and to keep the peace as much as she could.

    However, that all backfired in a spectacular way.

    Reborn in a new time and place, Li Dai Lu did her best to protect all those that she could from the zombies that were wiping out the human race. Unfortunately for her, those she rescued were not as grateful as they should have been.

    Killed by the very people she saved, she held her breath and waited for the calm, peacefulness of death.

    But the Fates were not too accommodating and our heroine woke up in her third life a year before the zombie apocalypse.

    This time she would live life on her own terms and to those that disagreed... well, she would have a few words for them.

    Warning: This will turn into a reverse harem where she does not have to pick. Please be aware.

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