Ningning is Not a Trouble-Maker!

Ningning is Not a Trouble-Maker!

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    The Gu family had a troublemaker in the family. Her name was Gu Ning. Her mother died in childbirth when she was born. Her stepmother fell off a flight of stairs while pregnant and died. Gu Ning’s father punished her by making her face the wall in the attic. The attic was dark and humid, and there was no sunlight at all. Nobody brought her food, and Gu Ning thought she might very well die there. Moments before her death, she dialed a number that her mother had told her before she passed away.

    After she hung up, there were rumbling sounds all around her. The Gu family’s residence was surrounded by a group of bodyguards dressed in black. Eight men got out of their cars, each with a different aura. They went directly to the attic.

    The man who led them went down on one knee and held Gu Ning, unconscious, in his arms. He had a solemn expression on his face. “The Gu family needs to go bankrupt.”

    After sleeping the entire night, Gu Ning woke up to find that her father was bankrupt. Her family members were all homeless. Meanwhile, she…

    She had eight uncles and a kind grandfather who loved her dearly.

    Gu Ning’s father regretted what he did, and he was unwilling to accept his fate. So what if Gu Ning was living a good life now? She was still the troublemaker who got her mother killed and her father bankrupt!

    Little did he know, after Gu Ning returned to her uncle’s house, their luck only seemed to improve. Even her bedridden grandmother could now get out of bed and dance in the square! Finally, a god-like man claimed to be her father. He pampered her to the point where the entire world became envious of her.

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