My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day

My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day

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    Su Wanwan’s scumbag fiancé cheated on her! The third party actually turned out to be her scumbag half-sister who shared the same father with her! In order to take revenge on her biased father and her white lotus stepmother and scum sister, she agreed to the marriage proposal from the mysterious boss in a fit of anger. Rumor has it that Huo Jingshen was a rich heir and he was the eldest grandson of the Huo family in Nanchang. He was extremely handsome and dashing, mature and also elegant. He was the perfect bachelor in many women’s eyes. However, he was actually ten years older than her? Su Wanwan secretly despised him: He was too old! There was a gap in their aesthetics! He was a boring and uninteresting old man! She regretted it and she was thinking if she could get a divorce? Who would have known that after their marriage…

    “Husband, hurry up!”

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