My Secret Marriage : Meet With The Best One

My Secret Marriage : Meet With The Best One

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    Liu Qiao Xin has been in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Chen Jia Min, a temperamental man who constantly asks her for money.

    They have been together for five years. Qiao Xin wanted to break up within those years, but Jia Min always had a thousand ways to torment her. It made Qiao Xin depress that she wants to end her life.

    One day, Qiao Xin's life starts to change when she met Han Xiao Long, the Han Corporation owner when she represented her company.

    Qiao Xin and Xiao Long's accidental encounter left them trapped in a bond they couldn't go.

    Suddenly, Xiao Long urged Qiao Xin to marry him to possess the whole Han Corporation.

    Will Qiao Xin agree to Xiao Long's request? Or will she continue the toxic relationship with Jia Min?

    “Love is complicated. When the conscience wants to leave, the heart is always reluctant to stay, although it has been hurting many times.” -Liu Qiao Xin-

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