My Dad is My Mom's Mortal Enemy

My Dad is My Mom's Mortal Enemy

My Dad is My Mom's Mortal Enemy

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    The Shao and Cheng families have been sworn enemies for generations, though few outsiders know the exact details of their feud.

    What is known to all is the Shao family’s three cardinal rules:

    The Shao family must not cooperate with the Chengs, must not intermarry with the Chengs, and must never appear with the Chengs at any public event.

    One day, an adorable little girl looking like a doll, wearing a puffy pink dress, pink hair clip, and pink backpack, walked into the lobby on the first floor of the Shao Group building.

    The receptionist thought she was some child who had wandered away from home. But the little girl solemnly said, “I want to see your Shao Group CEO, Shao Chengze.”

    Seeing the girl’s pink outfit, the receptionist knew she must be from a wealthy and noble family to dare to address their CEO by his full name. She couldn’t be the daughter of some high-ranking Shao Group executive?

    Smiling warmly, she asked, “Little one, could you tell me your parents’ names?”

    The girl tilted her head. “My mommy is Cheng Jinlan.”


    Second Miss Cheng Jinlan of the Cheng family?! She never thought she’d see the day a Cheng would set foot in the Shao Group building. What a miracle!

    “As for my dad, I’ve come today to get some of Shao Chengze’s hair for a DNA test. Once I have his hair, I’ll know if he’s my dad or not.”

    The girl’s crisp words rippled outwards from the front desk through the bustling first floor lobby. Everyone who heard froze in shock, jaws dropping.

    Everyone except Shao Chengze, who had just stepped out of the elevator surrounded by a group.

    He looked at the girl in pink through narrowed, fox-like eyes.

    Cheng Liqi recognized Shao Chengze and covered her mouth in an “ah-oh”.

    She decided that even if Shao Chengze wasn’t her dad, she’d have to help Cheng Jinlan get this man. She liked his eyes.

    They were just like hers.

    So pretty.

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