My Billionaire Exhusband Grovels Me After Divorce

My Billionaire Exhusband Grovels Me After Divorce

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    Lu Lingche, heir to a prestigious family, is known for his handsome, aloof, cold, and obstinate demeanor, showing disdain for all women. Qiao Yin silently loved him for five years, sacrificing everything with the belief that she could warm his icy heart. However, just three months into their marriage, he planned to abandon her for another woman.

    What did he mean by holding disdain for all women? It seemed that he was only holding disdain for her! Despite her broken heart, Qiao Yin embarked on a new life that led to a spectacular career, making her a top leader in her industry. When she encountered Lu Lingche again, his shock was palpable: “The competitor who cost me so much is you?”

    Responding with a gentle smile, Qiao Yin greeted him: “President Lu, nice to see you.” While Lu Lingche remained well-dressed, cold, and rational during the day, in the quiet of the night, he lost control, embracing her tightly and pleading, “What do you want? I will give you anything. Don’t leave me.”

    “President Lu, I already have a fiancé.”

    “He’s now tied up on the rooftop. You have two choices. He dies and you marry me. Or he lives and I die?”

    Perplexed, Qiao Yin questioned, “Weren’t you the one who wanted the divorce? Where is your so-called heart’s desire?”

    “You have been my heart’s desire all this time!”

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