May Death Do Us Part

May Death Do Us Part

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    This is a book by a love junkie, for love junkies. It revolves around a beautiful redhead with piercing blue eyes who finds herself torn between the man she thought she lost and the man she now has.

    But this is not just an ordinary love triangle, it’s one that involves creatures of old, the nosferatu, the Lycans, the elves and the dwarves. It involves a bloody struggle for liberation, a hard decision between duty to their people, and duties to their hearts, there will be pain, deceit, lust and love, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions as you follow the beautiful redhead’s journey from a simple life to one of life changing decisions.

    With the burden of being cursed with immortality through rebirth, a beautiful redhead spends her life trying to find how to break the curse so she can finally end her lonely existence, all the while shying away from emotional connections of any sort with others in hopes of protecting her heart from the pain of loss. Until she comes across a sweet, kind and loving man who she can’t help but fall in love with, but alas, he loses his life and the redhead has to forge on ahead without him, baring the pain, even in her next life, of losing the only man she ever allowed herself to love.

    She continues her lonely existence until she comes across a man who bares the same rebirth curse of immortality as her, a man who convinces her to open up her heart to love one more time. But what happens when her first love comes back into the picture? What happens when she realizes her curse is due to the fact that she is not even human?

    Journey with me through the exhilarating tale of romance with a twist.

    P.S :

    • There are explicit sexual scenes in this book

    • There is some form of reverse harem but love will prevail in the end.

    • There is death and blood

    • The book is set up in a medieval age (yes, soap existed in medieval times)

    • sexual language and profanity is also included


    “I’m sick and tired of this miserable existence, I just want to end it all. I just want want to die, and to stay dead,” Melissa muttered......

    Elric inched closer to Melissa and tilted her chin up. “But if you die, who will I spend the rest of eternity with?”

    Melissa swatted his hand away and got off the bed, the chamber was cold and dark after the fire had died out. She felt the chilling breeze from the window strike her bare skin, sending a wave of shivers down her spine.

    It was highly likely that she would catch a cold if she kept this up, but she didn’t care, disease didn’t scare her anymore.

    “You’re just going to have to make due without me your majesty,” She responded.

    King Elric got up and walked over to the beautiful red head. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the warmth from her body heat up his bare skin.

    “Isn’t such a life worthwhile when you live it with the person you love?” The man asked

    “Love is pointless if it has no end.” Melissa responded coldly. “Even wedding vows end with ‘till death do us part.’”

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