Lord of the Secret Art!

Lord of the Secret Art!

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    Mystery is the nourishment that keeps me from being ordinary.

    It has been 20 years since he came to a world similar to the modern European background. With his early wisdom, Fei Lin learned a skill and finally became a decent person.

    Originally thought that he would marry a wife and have children and live this life in a dull way, but found that there is another world under the shadow of the world.

    In that world, there are occultists who practice esoteric techniques and master extraordinary powers.

    It is weird to spy on humans in the dark and feed on humans.

    There are evil god believers who worship the evil god, please the evil god through bloody sacrifices, and exchange power from the evil god.

    There is an evil god who wanders outside the world, peeps at the world, and only infiltrates the power of scales and claws, which is enough to cause people to fall.

    With the mystery as nourishment, he is no longer ordinary after 20 years of ordinary.

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