Lord Of Succubi:Transmigrated As A Dual Cultivator In Isekai Of Magic

Lord Of Succubi:Transmigrated As A Dual Cultivator In Isekai Of Magic

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    Nexus found himself transmigrated into an isekai of magic, where he encountered a captivating Dual Cultivation System. Realizing the importance of this system for his progress, he embarked on a quest to seek out girls who would wholeheartedly participate in the practice of dual cultivation alongside him. Failure to find willing partners meant that his ability to upgrade and advance would be severely hindered.

    Unfortunately, it appeared that the inhabitants of this magical isekai realm were oblivious to the concept of dual cultivation.

    Thankfully, within this realm, there existed a race known as succubi. These non-human beings possessed the ability to nourish themselves through the consumption of men's semen. Regrettably, they were considered undesirable by humans. Yet, Nexus discovered that he was an exceptional match for these succubi, forming a natural bond that made them highly compatible partners.

    Furthermore, Nexus encountered a stark contrast between the techniques described in the Xianxia novel he possessed and the actual magic present within the isekai realm. The disparity was substantial, requiring him to invest a considerable amount of time to acclimate himself to this unfamiliar form of magic.

    With his newfound allies, Nexus set out to make a profound impact on this new world.

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