Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age

Longevity starts from having a daughter in old age

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    At sixty, Xu Mu was old and frail, with one foot in the grave, still stuck at the beginning stage of Qi Cultivation!

    He had reached a dead end on the path of immortality. Giving in to life’s hardships, he decided to get married and have children, and live out his remaining days.

    However, on the day his daughter was born, it was a double celebration. The doors to his cultivation were reopened!

    [Congratulations! You have achieved: Blessed with a Daughter!]

    [Blessed with a Daughter: Increase your Luck Value by 10 points every day!]

    [Luck Value: Can be used to increase skill proficiency, it cannot directly improve cultivation!]

    To survive, to live a better life, to reach the pinnacle, and gain longevity, Xu Mu embarked on the journey of marriage and parenthood, achieving milestones along the way!

    Current achievements: [Blessed with a Son, Perfect Family…]

    [The new book has been released, (I upgraded my storage bag to the cosmos). Respectful seniors, if you have time, please give guidance!]

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