Live Stream Treasure Hunt: I Made Profits Million Times Over

Live Stream Treasure Hunt: I Made Profits Million Times Over

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    Crossing into an alternate world, Daniel possessed the [Omniscient Appraisal System] that can tell the value and origin of any item.

    As a result, Daniel participated in the wildly popular online Container Hunt and began live streaming: [I'm in Libertopia, Live Streaming My Treasure Hunt!]

    Netizens warned Daniel: Container Hunt is all a scam, it's impossible to find a real treasure.

    However, what Daniel did next leaves viewers gobsmacked.

    He bid 500 StellarCoins(1 StellarCoins=1 US dollar) on a batch of luggage looted by pirates, finding a high-end custom-made luggage bag, worth 10,000 StellarCoins!

    He discovered a well-known painting from Serenalia, titled “Hundred Horses,” dated 300 years ago, assessed at 50 million StellarCoins!

    He found a relic from the Atlantean civilization, causing a global archaeological uproar!

    He stumbled upon a world-famous painting stolen from a Libertopia museum fifty years ago, titled “Portrait of a Woman,” which sends collectors around the world into a frenzied bidding war!

    With the help of his system, Daniel can always find the best deals at Container Hunter Auctions, and even dominate the antique street, flea market, not to mention the real estate, stock, and investment industries!

    After Daniel's net worth skyrocketed, he lavishly invest in a private estate, and threw decadent parties in his rooftop garden filled with models.

    Married women, celebrities, wives...

    Turns out, being rich really is this much fun!

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