Level Up in Martial World

Level Up in Martial World

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    Lu Zhen, celebrating his new job at a prestigious company as a computer programmer, got extremely drunk, and the next thing he knew, he had crossed over to the martial world.

    Luckily for him, he had also obtained the unbelievable [Level up] system.

    [You have overeaten.]

    [You acquired the Gluttony skill.]

    [You have slashed a saber 100,000 times.]

    [Saber mastery has reached level 10. It is evolving into....]

    [You have reached the limits of your body's potential.]

    [Your constitution is evolving...]

    [You have meditated.]

    [You have acquired the Talent skill.]

    While other cultivators faced countless difficulties, Lu Zhen only had to do fulfill certain condition to become stronger.

    From that moment on, Lu Zhen's journey began as a Great Demon King destined to conquer all beings.

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