Herald of Steel

Herald of Steel

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    Waking up inside the ruins of an orphanage, Alexander finds himself chained and sold to slavery.

    A modern metallurgist, trapped in ancient times, watch as he tries to play with the cards fate dealt him.

    He will make plate armor, invent paper, build roads, teach governance and many more, as he tries to carve a place for himself.

    But how can such things not attract jealous eyes?

    The naval superpower- Cantagena,

    The unstoppable army of- Exolas,

    The superpower of the east- Adhania,

    The mercantile confederation- Sybarsis,

    The religious fanatics- Iyizarid,

    And the ever-present- Barbarians of the Barren Forrest,

    All want something from each other.

    In this ocean of sharks, follow a small carp as it struggles to leap through the dragon gate and establish a dynasty to outlast them all.

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