Help! I don't want to NTR the protagonist!

Help! I don't want to NTR the protagonist!

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    Marcus just used to be a regular old university student but after dying an unfortunate death he now finds himself at the whims of a delusional god.

    As punishment for his sins (Leaving a 3-star review on a god's novel), Marcus is transported into that novel as Lucius, a crazy rebel leader that wants to destroy society and rebuild it as he sees fit.

    If that was the end of things then it wouldn't be so bad, but apart from all that Lucius is tasked with the job of capturing the hearts f all the heroines or he will suffer painful and gruesome death!

    With his back against the wall and life on the line, Lucius must get to work.

    [Ding! Heroine capture system online!]

    [Steal a kiss from the heroine’s lips- 500LP]

    [Ask the heroine if you can cop a feel- 700 LP]

    [ Spend a hot and steamy night with the heroine- 5000LP]

    It's not that he wanted to do it, it's just that his life was at stake!

    He really did not want to NTR the protagonist!

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