Harem Tournament of Champions

Harem Tournament of Champions

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    27-year-old Hisha, transmigrates into the body of a thousand-year-old overpowered supreme overlord who had everything at his disposal, except one–worthy companions by his side.

    Hence, a tournament was held to choose the best out of the most beautiful, unique and strong women across the land.

    These women don't follow the rule of coexisting women in a harem, they fight for the right to bed their lord and would stop at nothing but to use every opportunity to seduce, and fight on his behalf just to get his attention and favor.

    Hisha never liked such a barbaric method of getting a companion.

    'Why choose a few, if you can have them all?'

    'If he can't have them all, he would try to work out coexisting the strongest for his pleasure and benefit.'

    He realizes his 'Desire System' levels him up with every adoration gotten from his harem. The stronger they get, the higher his level and hold in his world.

    As he continues to break his limits with the help of his harem, he finds out there are others that threaten his rule and the balance of his land.

    'Let the tournament begin!'

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