Greatest Of All Legends

Greatest Of All Legends

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    “Who is the football GOAT?”

    A question that has been asked countless times in the last decade.

    Is it Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

    To be fair, the question actually depended on what one wanted from a player as they were two different people and they played differently from the other.

    This was also the case with every other legendary player to grace the game.

    As a diehard fan of the game, Jason Bolu also had someone he thought to be the goat, but unlike most people, he harbored the desire to not only become as great as them, but even greater than any legend that ever graced the game.

    He wanted to become the Greatest Of All Legends… the GOAL.

    Unfortunately, fate has never cared about people’s hopes and dreams, and just like every other unfortunate human, she hit him hard across the face with a broken reality and sent him flying in another direction from his goal, yet he didn’t give up and continually persevered but, in the end, he didn’t ever make it.

    He wasn’t even halfway near his goal.

    He thought it was over… but it wasn’t.

    He got another chance at his dreams, and this time he was going to do more than his best to achieve his dream.

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