Grand Dad Is The Pervert God

Grand Dad Is The Pervert God

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    Porno is just a click away on any phone.

    The God of perversion (Eros) is now the strongest God in the heavens. Even the king of the gods is scared, and so the gods plan and betray him for his power.

    But just before he fades out of existence. His favorite concubine risks her life to save his soul and hides it in another realm.

    Around the same time another person also experiences reincarnation.

    However, the only compatible body is that of an old noble man with lots of problems and no Rizz.

    But now the pervert God is in the scene.

    He needs to get his revenge in the heavens but first he must build his strength and power the only way he knows how.

    By cultivating with beautiful women....

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