God's Apostle: Rebirth of a Lazy Genius

God's Apostle: Rebirth of a Lazy Genius

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    “Knowledge is Power, But What If The Wise Won't Use It?”

    Ethan Riddles - A genius among geniuses who never tapped into his true potential because of his sheer laziness and not having any ambition at all.

    Unfortunately, He was hit by the Good'Ol Truck-Kun while exploring a Mysterious, Newly-Found Temple and died as a result.

    “I Can At Least Live a Carefree Life In This New World As a Noble.”

    Will he still be able to live a carefree life in the Power-Driven World of Swords and Magic, Politics and Conspiracies, Gods and Beasts, Kingdoms and Empires?

    Ethan who simply likes to sit below the trees and watch the drifting clouds as the cold breeze blows over his face—now must use his wisdom and intelligence to protect himself and his family from the enemies.

    While Ethan believes he can still manage to live a carefree life, he soon catches the glimpse of some mysteries as well as The Wheels of Fate he is unfortunately entangled with.

    Can he Defeat those who mean him harm with the newfound power and his own wit while living a carefree life? Or does Fate have other plans for him?

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