Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl

Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl

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    Shu Yu has passed through the book, and has become a poor cannon fodder who was implicated by the dead female supporting role and only appeared twice and was finally exiled for thousands of miles.

    After finding that he could not change the result, Shu Yu decided to eat, drink, lie down and wait.

    Who knew that the exile had not yet come, but she was suddenly told that she was not the daughter of the Shu family.

    Her biological parents were peasant households who lived so hard to make ends meet that their house was leaking.

    And the Shu family decided to obliterate her in order to hide her blemish.

    Shu Yu: Come on, I can’t kill you.

    Returning to his biological parents, Shu Yu finally sighed as he looked at the plate of pickles and a bowl of porridge on the table and placed in front of him, as well as his parents’ nervous and bewildered expressions.

    You can’t lie flat, or you’ll starve to death.

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