Eternal life begins with saving my clan

Eternal life begins with saving my clan

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    [System Binding....]


    [Unknown Error! Unknown Error!]

    [System unable to bind successfully]

    [Invoking the emergency protocol]

    “Hey, System!”

    “System! Where are you?”

    [Host bound to the Lotus World Providence]

    [Host has gained eternal life]

    “Hell yeah!”


    “That was me... 10 years ago...”

    “Now...” He took a deep breath and shook his head dejectedly.

    Su Yen transmigrated to the Lotus World with high hopes after receiving his system and gaining eternal life.

    “It's my time to rule the world!”

    However, his grand ambitions came crashing down when he realized his system was nothing more than a knockoff.

    “Who on earth created this pathetic knockoff system?!”


    “At least, I can live forever and enjoy my life without ruling the world.”

    Once again, his naive thoughts were shattered when he realized the world was not as peaceful as he thought.

    He needs to increase the world's providence to enjoy this life or else...

    He'll be damned to eternal suffering.

    “System! I don't want eternal life again!”

    “Please make me mortal!” He cried.

    It was then he realized the importance of power.

    You need strength to get what you want, but too much strength is also a curse, especially when the Bloodmoon Envoy arrives...

    They start killing the strongest ones.

    Su Yen, being immortal, wasn't scared of the Bloodmoon Envoys, but what about his loved ones? And what about the world providence?

    Now, in the Lotus World where everyone is terrified of breakthroughs,

    What can he do?

    Too much talent is a curse. Lack of talent is also a curse.

    “What kind of a messed-up world is this?”

    Su Yen is in a dilemma about what to do with his life in this complicated world. However, everything changes when his clan is on the brink of destruction.

    He must make a decision.

    “Who cares about the world?”

    “But no one dares to touch my clan and loved ones.”

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