Dice In The Darkness: Cthulhu Calls

Dice In The Darkness: Cthulhu Calls

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    TRPG, or Tabletop Role-Playing Game, is characterized by immersive role-playing where players embody their characters. Within the rules, players can steer the story in various open-ended directions, leading to different outcomes.

    “Cthulhu Campaign” is a major category within TRPGs. In it, players, as ordinary individuals known as investigators, delve into mysterious events, face unknown mythological creatures, and confront unfathomable fears. A key piece of advice in this realm is that the less you know, the longer you survive.

    Liu Xing, driven by curiosity, wanted to join an online Cthulhu campaign but accidentally became part of a real Cthulhu role-playing game…

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