Demon King Ascension System

Demon King Ascension System

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    If you don’t know anything, you might think Blake had a perfect life. Good-looking face that made everyone turn their heads, an athletic physique, photographic memory and a good head that let him ace all of his exams, and also a kind heart to prop it all up.

    But you couldn’t be more wrong as in a world where even a three-year-old kid could use mana, Blake was one of the unfortunate ones who couldn’t utilize the magical power that enabled humans to break past their limits and defeat the powerful demons that used nether instead of mana to cast their own demonic spells.

    Looks of disdain, mockeries, and even straight-up bullying were not an uncommon occurrence for him as he had to deal with them every single day.

    One day, the bullies went too far and almost killed him. The pent-up rage and hatred in his heart peaked up as he remembered the faces of his bullies that had beaten him half to death.

    He thought he would finally die when his head was suddenly struck by a severe headache and his eyes went dark.

    But never did he expect when he regained his consciousness he would find a pair of horns on his forehead, sharp claws on the tip of his fingers, and jet black skin covering his body from head to toe.

    Follow Blake’s journey as he became the master of the nether and demonic spells, climbing the ranks of the demon realm as he gathered his own demon followers, and finding out the real truth veiled in his home world while creating legends for himself both in the demon world and in the world where he came from.

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