Dao of the Bizarre Immortal

Dao of the Bizarre Immortal

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    Li Huowang was incapable of making up his mind. Was he in a hospital or in a fantasy world, struggling to survive? Both sides claimed that they were real and that the other is nothing more than a hallucination.

    Follow Li Huowang on his adventure as he tries to make sense of what is happening to him. Explore a world full of bizarre cultivators and eldritch horrors as everyone tries to survive in it.

    Official blurb from the raws: The bizarre path to the heavens, the abnormal Deities and Immortals. Are they real? Or are they fake? Li Huowang is unable to differentiate between the two in his confusion. But that’s not all that is causing him to be unable to differentiate the two. There was also his own illness, a debilitating one.

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