Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

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    [Moody Boy x Martial Arts Girl] [HE] [Male Lead is Crazy,]

    Quan Zhisui didn’t understand why Wei Shixu was always getting beaten up by people from other schools, and why she constantly had to rush in to save him from danger. Later she found out that those people were just hired thugs.

    They were paid by Wei Shixu.

    “We’re through!” She firmly drew the line.

    Wei Shixu smiled cheekily, “Fine, then don’t come to me for tutoring anymore. Fail the exam and repeat the grade, then let your scumbag dad and stepmom control you.”

    Quan Zhisui had to compromise, “Let’s cooperate until the college entrance exam is over, but don’t go looking for trouble when there’s none.”

    Wei Shixu: “I won’t go looking for trouble if you date me.”

    Quan Zhisui: “I don’t date in high school.”

    After the college entrance exam ended, Quan Zhisui went far away to university. She blocked all forms of contact with everyone, thinking that would make him give up his obsession, since it was decisive enough.

    But she heard that at the awards ceremony, Wei Shixu tore up his university admission letter.

    A year later, a certain repeater pursued her to her university.

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