Cannon-Fodder Female Supporting Character Swaps Bodies with Her Cold Husband

Cannon-Fodder Female Supporting Character Swaps Bodies with Her Cold Husband

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    Mo Yu transmigrated from the end of the world into the body of a cannon-fodder female supporting character in a novel about a rich family.

    In the original novel, Mo Yu was the real young lady who lived in a village as a kid. Meanwhile, the fake young lady, Mo Xue, who lived as the young lady of the Mo family, had a baby with the strongest business mogul in the novel, Gu Lian. For that reason, other young ladies were always envious of her. However, Gu Lian entered a state of coma due to an accident.

    As the cannon fodder in the novel, she was responsible for serving the female lead. On top of that, she didn’t even experience a single good day. When her rich family found her in the village where she lived, she was forced to marry a comatose man as soon as she returned with them. She felt deeply twisted. On most days, she would torture her unconscious husband to vent. However, by now, Gu Lian had actually regained consciousness. He would wake up anytime now, and the first thing he wanted to do was to annihilate Mo Yu, the evil female supporting character.

    Mo Yu looked at the needle in her hand, which she was prepared to torture Gu Lian with, while she thought about how to survive. However, she realized she had swapped souls with her comatose husband! She could actually initiate soul-swapping with another person!

    Gu Lian looked at Mo Yu, who was in his unconscious body, and smiled devilishly. “How does it feel?”

    “This bed feels very comfortable. I’m willing to switch places with you. You can have the freedom!” Mo Yu exclaimed.

    “Huh?” Gu Lian was confused.

    After occupying Mo Yu’s body, Gu Lian realized that Mo Xue, who seemed gentle and elegant at first, was full of evil. His father-in-law and mother-in-law were also cunning folks. Those who behaved kindly toward him all showed their ugly sides in front of Mo Yu. On the contrary, the wife he thought was cunning and evil was the kindest of them all.

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