Born again who will fall in love?

Born again who will fall in love?

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    Struggling until thirty-eight years old and still can't afford a house, you have to pay a dowry of 300,000 to get married, living frugally for most of your life, your liver is shattered from overworking, but where's the money? Who really took all the money?

    Jiang Qin, who is full of grievances, was reborn at the age of eighteen. The only thought in his mind when he opened his eyes was to start a business and make money.

    The first step, to take back the love letters he had sent out, flip it over, and write three lines in the stunned eyes of the school beauty:

    You must never work for others, better to latch onto a wealthy woman if you can.

    You can make more money if you lose it, but if you lose your conscience, you can make even more!

    As a corporate slave, never be a servant!

    As for love? Even dogs don't talk about that stuff!

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