Billion Dollar Player

Billion Dollar Player

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    Raven Astral, a reclusive billionaire known for his unmatched intellect and business sense, finds his world shattered when his beloved younger brother, Weiss, disappears without a trace.

    Determined to save his brother, he enters the world of “Hellfire,” an unprecedented and highly immersive game-like world that was also known as the Graveyard of Gods.

    Endowed with immense wealth, Raven embarks on an audacious journey into the heart of Hellfire, setting him apart as the wealthiest player to grace the world of Hellfire.

    And so, the odyssey of the Wealthiest Ranker commenced—a journey seeped in searing flames of vengeance that would turn the entire realm upside down, reshaping the destiny of all who dwelled within its formidable borders.

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