Bigshot Mr. Fu's Wife is Sweet and Wild

Bigshot Mr. Fu's Wife is Sweet and Wild

Bigshot Mr. Fu's Wife is Sweet and Wild

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    Qin Jianxi transmigrated into a very bloody novel.

    She was the female supporting role who was pitiful, was divorced by the male lead, was used by the female lead, and was revenged by the male lead.

    Dedicate her liver and kidneys to her family, anyway, wherever she needs to add bricks and tiles, she will be moved there.

    This is really a miserable death after licking the dog until there is nothing left.

    Now that she has become this super female supporting role, her fucking mentality has collapsed.

    Money is not good? Isn’t the food delicious? Is it not good to live? Why do you do that…

    When Fu Ge met Qin Jianxi for the first time, she was cleaning up her ex-fiancé.

    I thought, this woman is really strong.

    When Fu Ge saw Qin Jianxi for the second time, she jumped from the fourth floor easily and landed perfectly.

    He’s so mentally broken.

    When Fu Ge saw Qin Jianxi for the third time, she was dancing on the stage, sweet, charming and wild.

    His heart fell completely.

    When the scum found out that Qin Jianxi was the richest man, their mentality collapsed.

    They hoped that Qin Jianxi would be dumped by Mr. Fu.

    It turns out that she is the top scientific research expert, she is the computer expert, and she is also the top wizard in the medical field.

    1VS1 favorite text, stronger men and stronger women. The male protagonist watches his wife with a 20-level filter, and his daughter-in-law is the most perfect in the world.

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