Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again

Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again

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    “According to my divination, you’ll die in three days,” Lu Miao said.

    “Thank goodness. I’m so done with life,” Mr. Gu said.

    He then started looking for a Fengshui master to assist him with his cemetery search.

    Lu Miao extended her hand. “Hang on. I’m an expert in this. Don’t give the job to someone else.”

    Three days went by, and three more after that. Mr. Gu was getting restless. “When exactly will I die?”

    “Don’t rush. It’ll happen very soon!” Lu Miao replied.

    Three months went by. Mr. Gu was still alive and well. With a red glow in his eyes, he forced Lu Miao into a corner. “Miao, you saved my life. You have to take up this responsibility toward me.”

    For some unknown reason, the top-notch metaphysics bigshot, Lu Miao, transmigrated into the body of a child with parents who didn’t love her. She even had a fiance who would soon die.

    Her parents looked forward to her death, and her siblings all hated her. Everyone in the city waited for her to make a fool of herself.

    Lu Miao held a talisman in her left hand and a Fengshui wheel in her right. Business only kept getting better.

    Bigshots from various walks of life showed up at her door. “How much do you need for the wedding gift? We’re willing to pay ten times that amount.”

    “Get lost,” Lu Miao’s siblings uttered.

    “Thanks for the offer, but she’s already married,” Mr. Gu said.

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