Ascension Of The Failed Mage

Ascension Of The Failed Mage

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    Noir is a failed experiment, made to be the perfect weapon of war.

    However, unlike the other successful projects, he has a special ability that allows him to negate Magic.

    [Bloodline Magic: Null]

    He defects from the Empire and takes on an identity as a peddler, only for trouble to find him many years later.

    After saving the daughter of a Duke, his past returns to haunt him once more.

    Noir must now fight back; defending the new life he is making for himself while preparing for an inevitable conflict with the Empire he left.

    Confronted with his former comrades who have phenomenally powerful abilities that defy the very concept of Magic, this Failed Mage must use everything at his disposal to win.

    Bloodline Magic [Null]

    Artificial Magic [Code]

    And every other skill at his disposal.

    How will Noir fend off the emerging forces that threaten his peace... and ultimately that of the world?

    “I will protect you. I won't let them hurt anyone or anything I love!”

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