Alpha Reborn!

Alpha Reborn!

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    Born into the Imperial Frost Clan, Evan's life was plagued with misfortune. As the Crown Prince, he faced constant threats from those who coveted his position, and his health began to deteriorate at a young age, leaving him consumed by Paranoia.

    As his Fall From Grace seemed imminent, everything changed when he experienced a vivid vision of his past life, one where he was a villainous character who lost everything after attempting to kill his cousin.

    Realizing that he had been reincarnated into the world of the game he once played, Evan vowed to defy his fate and alter his future. But with countless obstacles in his way, it seems unlikely.

    Can Evan break free from the cycle of destiny and carve out a new path for himself? Find out in this thrilling tale of redemption, sci-fi, action, and magic.

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